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Efficient Inventory Management: Enhancing Efficiency for Infusa Lounge.

Streamlining Inventory Management: Optimizing Infusion Spa Operations through Streamlined Tracking and Analysis.

Core Technologies: Angular Framework, Spring Boot 2, PostgreSQL

Streamlining Vehicle Registration: Enhancing User Experience through Online Portal.

Efficient Vehicle Registration: Simplifying Renewals with User-Friendly Online Portal and Value-Added Services.

Core Technologies: Angular JS, Spring Boot 2, PostgreSQL

Building a Vendor Portal for a North American Musculoskeletal Solution Company.

Streamlined transactions, support for management, transparency, efficiency, accountability, reduced redundancy, improved relations.

Core Technologies: J2EE, KeyCloak, Spring Boot 2, JPA, Hibernate, Angular JS, jQuery, Ajax, HTML 5, CSS3, Enterprise Architect, Jira, SpiraTest, Log4j, BitBucket, Maven, Selenium 3.14, Eclipse IDE, JBOSS, and Oracle.

Revolutionizing Sales Strategy: Streamline Lead Capturing and Tracking for Better Preparation.

Boosted lead conversion by 25%, cut capture time by 30%, saved 15% time on performance tracking, and raised efficiency by 20%.

Core Technologies: Spring boot 2, JPA, Hibernate Angular JS, jQuery, Ajax, HTML 5, CSS3 Enterprise Architect, Jira

Streamlining Case Management: Optimizing Instrument Delivery for Surgical Procedures.

Efficient Case Management: Ensuring Timely Instrument Delivery for Surgical Procedures through Seamless Communication and Automation

Core Technologies: Angular JS, Firebase, SQLite

Streamlining Invoicing: Automating Processes for Error-Free and Efficient Billing Management.

Revolutionizing Invoicing: A Custom Application for Automated, Error-Free, and Efficient Billing Processes.

Core Technologies: Spring JDBC Template, jQuery, Ajax, MySQL 5.5, AWS Cloud

Automating Payroll System for a Leading Retail Store in Papua New Guinea

Boosted HR productivity, automated leave approval, streamlined management, and improved efficiency.

Core Technologies: Spring JDBC Template, jQuery, Ajax, JSP, JSTL, HTML 5, CSS3, log4j, SVN, Maven, Selenium 3.14, Eclipse IDE, Tomcat 9, and MySQL 5.5.

Streamlining Productivity and Transparency with a Customized Portal.

Increased productivity, improved transparency and customer satisfaction through standardization and process improvement.

Core Technologies: AWS Cloud, J2EE

Enhancing Marketing Efficiency - Implementing a CRM Portal for a Healthcare Services Provider.

Intuitive UI & tailored CRM portal boosted healthcare provider's customer satisfaction by 20% and marketing team productivity by 30%.

Core Technologies: J2EE

Enhancing Efficiency: Znifa's Support and Maintenance for SPINE IT ERP.

Improving SPINE IT ERP performance and stability through expert support and maintenance services by Znifa

Core Technologies: JSP, Servlet, Struts Framework, Oracle, PL/SQL

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