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Streamlining Case Management: Optimizing Instrument Delivery for Surgical Procedures. [Case management]


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Streamlining Case Management: Optimizing Instrument Delivery for Surgical Procedures.


A medical instrument manufacturing and distribution company recognized the need for an efficient case management system to ensure timely delivery of instruments for surgical procedures. They sought to streamline communication between teams, optimize instrument usage, and enable on-time shipment across their sales team. Znifa partnered with the company to develop a comprehensive solution to address these challenges.

Product Synopsis:

Znifa developed an iOS-based case management application compatible with iPad and iPhone devices. The solution utilized a cloud-based database (Firebase) for easy access and seamless collaboration. Key features included push notifications for actionable tasks, a dashboard displaying today's cases, upcoming cases, pending shipping, and borrowing requests. Barcode scanning functionality captured instrument details, while flexible search options facilitated locating instrument availability. The application facilitated efficient instrument exchange during surgeries, automatically notifying the central store if a required instrument was not available nearby. Auto email notifications were sent based on request timelines. The system provided statistics on on-time and missed instrument deliveries, as well as mapping instruments based on historical usage for different types of operations.

Resources Engaged:

Znifa assigned a dedicated team of two members who were actively involved in the project. They leveraged their expertise to design, develop, and implement the case management system, ensuring its seamless integration and optimal functionality.

Key Challenges:

The key challenges faced by the medical instrument company were:

  1. Ensuring timely instrument delivery for surgical procedures.
  2. Facilitating seamless communication between teams and locations.
  3. Optimizing instrument usage and availability.
  4. Automating notification processes for instrument requests and central store coordination.

Solution Implemented:

Znifa's team meticulously designed and developed the case management system to address the identified challenges. They leveraged the core technologies of Angular JS, Firebase, SQLite, and TypeScript to create an intuitive and efficient application. The system seamlessly integrated with the company's operations, providing a user-friendly interface, push notifications, barcode scanning, flexible search options, automation for instrument requests, central store coordination, and email notifications. The implementation ensured timely instrument delivery, efficient communication, optimized instrument usage, and enhanced overall case management.

Results and Data:

After implementing the case management system, the medical instrument company experienced significant improvements in its surgical instrument delivery process. Key results and data include

  1. Timely Delivery: On-time instrument deliveries increased by 30%, ensuring smoother surgical procedures.
  2. Communication Efficiency: Seamless communication between teams resulted in a 40% reduction in communication gaps and delays.
  3. Instrument Utilization: Optimum usage of instruments improved by 25%, minimizing waste and optimizing resources.
  4. Automated Processes: Automation reduced manual intervention by 50%, streamlining request handling and central store coordination.
  5. Statistical Insights: Statistical reports provided valuable insights, enabling better decision-making and resource allocation.

These outcomes collectively transformed the company's case management processes, ensuring efficient instrument delivery, improved communication, optimized instrument utilization, and streamlined operations.

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