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Enhancing Efficiency: Znifa's Support and Maintenance for SPINE IT ERP. [Support & Maintenance]


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Enhancing Efficiency: Znifa's Support and Maintenance for SPINE IT ERP.


The SPINE IT ERP system serves as the backbone of Globus IT, supporting various departments' needs. Znifa was engaged to provide comprehensive support and maintenance services, ensuring the system's optimal performance.

Product Synopsis:

Znifa's dedicated team of experts leveraged their in-depth knowledge of JSP, Servlet, Struts Framework, Oracle, and PL/SQL to enhance and maintain the SPINE IT ERP system. Their collaboration with the customer fostered seamless operations.

Resources Engaged:

Znifa deployed a highly skilled team of four professionals, proficient in JSP, Servlet, Struts Framework, Oracle, and PL/SQL, to handle the support and maintenance of the SPINE IT ERP system.

Key Challenges:

  1. Addressing existing bugs and implementing system enhancements to accommodate business growth.
  2. Acquiring and transferring domain knowledge efficiently within a limited timeframe.
  3. Ensuring effective collaboration with the customer's team members for streamlined operations.

Solution Implemented:

Znifa's team quickly familiarized themselves with the intricate technology stack and gained a comprehensive understanding of the system's domain requirements. Their agile approach and diligent efforts resulted in the successful resolution of complex tasks and notable improvements in system performance.

Results and Data:

  1. Bug resolution: Achieved a 95% reduction in critical bugs within the initial three months, enhancing system stability.
  2. Enhancement implementation: Successfully integrated 20 new features, elevating the functionality of the SPINE IT ERP system.
  3. Response time: Attained a 30% reduction in average response time for user queries, improving overall system efficiency.
  4. System stability: Maintained an impressive 99.9% uptime, ensuring uninterrupted operations and user satisfaction.
  5. Customer satisfaction: Received overwhelmingly positive feedback with a 95% satisfaction rate, reflecting Znifa's exceptional support and maintenance services.
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